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our baby angel kayla!  
oh we were so excited when we found out i was pregnant with her, 3 weeks before anthony and i got married (what more could we of asked for)
Its still a shock to us all it was a healthy pregnancey and everything was perfect, every appointment her little heart was beating away and every day she were getting bigger and moving hell of alot. 

like her big sister she liked to keep me waiting and was 5 days over due. on the 18th of dec 2006  i went 2 c the doctor for an internal to c if anything was happening. he said everything was good and was hoping the internal wood bring on the labour and sent me home..

that night we had a few friends over and she was doing a show for all of us, moving around kicking her legs and having a jolly old time, well thats what i thought anyway, with what happend that was most likely her last movements...

the next day the 19th it was her aunty kellys birthday and she always wanted her 2 be born on her birthday, so while we were out christmas shopping i started getting contractions around 1pm. i was so excited cos our baby was going 2 be here for christmas. 

i rang my best friend katherine and she came over right away and was writing every contraction time down. when it was about 6pm they were 5 mins apart and we were off to the hospital.

i was off to have our second daughter, we rang everyone cos everyone was awaiting the arrival of our little kayla.

this is when our nightmare started... when we got there they checked me over and i was fine, when it was time 2 check on the baby is when we found out we had lost her. they couldnt find my angels heart beat.
they got every machine and three ultra sounds and then the doctor told us, " im sorry but ur baby girl has not got a heart beat" 

we lost our baby, the day before she was fine the doctor checked her heart beat. but wait then i realised HE DIDNT CHECK HER HEART BEAT he did my internal and sent me home. WHY DIDNT HE CHECK HER HEART BEAT??? maybe just maybe if he did she still might be here, he wood of been about 2 tell if she was in danger! then to make things worse i was told my water had broken along time ago! WHAT? oh my god! why didnt he know yesterday when he did my internal! that doctor maybe the course of kaylas death but we will never get the answers we want! i just hope he doesnt make another mistake and forget to check someone else's babies heart beat...WE DIDNT DESERVE THIS NO ONE DOES BUT WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE ????!!!!!!
my mum rang the whole family and everyone came right away and was there for me and anthony. 

then i realised i had to give birth, and i screamed, giving birth is spose to have a happy ending, all that pain is ment to be worth it.. i kept saying " i want a c- section" but everyone was telling me to go natural for my health and futher babies. at the time i didnt care about futher babies i wanted kayla who was inside of me for nine months who i loved from the moment i found out i was pregnant with her...
it took hours for me to make my mind up. in the end i went natural, 

it was 6.30 am the 20th of dec 2006 when i gave birth to my beautiful baby angel Kayla. the most beautiful little girl ever.

we got to spend about 9 hours with our little angel. we got to dress her change her nappy and just hold and kiss her. she looked so pretty in pink!!!

we had her blessed and we got to say our good byes, the whole family was there and they said their good byes aswell. I will never forget the nurse taking my baby away for the last time.

i owe alot to my mid wife amanda, if it wasnt for her i would not have gotten through it all, she was amazing she is my hero and i wish she could be apart of our lives always! Amanda is one person we will never ever forget and i pray that she will be there when we have our next baby!  

To you my kayla, we love u and we know life is unfair, i know ur safe and happy but till the day im up in heaven with you i will never understand or forgive god for taking u away from us.

we would of kept u just as safe and gave u so much love and u would of been so lucky to have a sister like Liana, she waited and waited for u and could not wait 2 help me look after you. we love u now and for always!!!

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